Construction of Serang Primary School Begins

Jul 19, 2018

With generous donations from our supporters all over the world, construction of the dormitory and classroom for the students of Serang Primary School has begun.

Excitement was keenly felt among the students of Serang Primary School as they proactively lent a helping hand to the workers on site. They assisted by piling stones of similar size for the building of the school’s structure.

For these students, their wish to have a proper study environment is now finally coming to fruition. The parents of these children now also feel assured of the school’s future.

Your continued support is needed to ensure the smooth completion of the entire construction of the building. We also require funding to provide food for these children so as to sustain the financial aspects of running of the school. At present, the children’s food is provided for by the Monastery, Sangchen Rabten Norbuling.

Please consider donating to the Serang Primary School Support Fund to better the lives of these children. Your support means a lot for these children and to us.


Inauguration of Serang Primary School

Inauguration of Serang Primary School

We are delighted to share that on 24 Oct 2019, the inauguration of Serang Primary School Building was held under the auspices of Sangchen Rabten Norbuling.

Land Purchased for Orgyen Ling Institute

Land Purchased for Orgyen Ling Institute

It is with great joy that we can report that a piece of land in Kathmandu has been negotiated and bought at USD $500,000 for the development of the Orgyen Ling Institute.


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