Inauguration of Serang Primary School

Dec 30, 2019

We are delighted to share that on 24 Nov 2019, the inauguration of Serang Primary School Building was held under the auspices of Sangchen Rabten Norbuling. This was possible because of the generous donations and well wishes of concerned individuals, the pure aspirations of Karma Rinpoche and Nuptul Rinpoche as well as the blessings of the Triple Gems.

The new school compound consists of two connecting blocks that are two storeys in height. The bigger block is equipped with five dormitories on the ground floor and four classrooms on the upper floor.

The other block holds the kitchen and dining room at ground floor and staff rooms/office on the upper floor. The toilets and bathrooms are located at a separate area nearby.

A room has also been reserved to build a library for the children so as to support their learning.

Presently, there are 43 children enrolled with Serang Primary School. We are expecting another 16 children to join us in the upcoming school term, which begins on 15th April 2020. Hence, preparations have been made to bring in two additional teaches and a caretaker to ensure that the children’s learning environment remain conducive.

Due to the above circumstances, the school expenses are estimated to increase by a large margin in the coming school term. Your continued support for the Serang Primary School Support Fund will help:

  • Defray the costs of running the school
  • Build a library filled with academic books, educational toys and gadgets
  • Provide nutritious meals for the growing children
  • Complete the remaining construction of the school compounds, gate and walls 

Join us in this meaningful journey to better the lives of these children by donating to the Serang Primary School Support Fund.


Construction of Orgyen Ling Institute Wall

Construction of Orgyen Ling Institute Wall

Since the time of purchase, the land has been left vacant due to the lack of funds to commence any work. With some donations, we have begun construction of the permanent 10ft wall structure to enclose the building site.

Land Purchased for Orgyen Ling Institute

Land Purchased for Orgyen Ling Institute

It is with great joy that we can report that a piece of land in Kathmandu has been negotiated and bought at USD $500,000 for the development of the Orgyen Ling Institute.


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