Orgyen Ling Institute

Orgyen Ling Institute is an arm of Sangchen Rabten Norbuling and is envisioned to be a Dharma institute of higher learning for both the monastic and lay community. The institute seeks to provide a thorough and comprehensive Buddhist education of the highest standards by means of teaching, practice, research, translation and publication.

“To connect ancient wisdom to contemporary education.”


An Innovative Dharma Institute that Nurtures
Buddhist Leaders and Teachers of Tomorrow

Mission and Goals

To develop resourceful and competent monastic Sangha with a global mindset

To provide traditional and modern Buddhist education for both monastic Sangha and lay practitioners

To achieve the highest standards in study, practice, research, translation and publication

Orgyen Ling Institute Artist’s Impression

Campus Location

The prospective Orgyen Ling Institute campus is located in the Northeast suburban area of Kathmandu, Nepal. Well connected to Kathmandu City, the site also offers a beautiful natural environment. 

Progress of Development

Phase 2: Construction of Wall Perimeter [current]

Since the time of purchase, the land has been left vacant due to the lack of funds to commence any works. Unfortunately, this has led to illegal encroachment into the site by the nearby villagers. With some donations, we have begun construction of the permanent 10ft wall structure to enclose the building site. The cost is estimated at USD $160,500.

Phase 1: Purchase of Land [completed]

We are happy to share that the land upon which the Orgyen Ling Institute will be built upon, is now fully sponsored by kind benefactors for whom we are truly grateful for their incredible generosity and support.

Why Build?

Sangchen Rabten Norbuling is located in Nubri, a mountainous region within the Himalayas. While the location is ideal for spiritual learning and practice due to its remoteness, it is largely inaccessible to many. There are two ways of reaching the place, either by helicopter or a 7-day trek from Kathmandu. The former requires large amounts of capital (USD $2,300) for a one-way trip (the amount may increase yearly), while the latter is riskier, requires good health and takes time.

The time and capital-consuming nature of reaching Sangchen Rabten Norbuling has two major implications. Firstly, food costs are driven up significantly, making it unsustainable to accommodate a growing community of monastic Sangha. Secondly, a wide range of audiences cannot be reached, presenting a challenge in terms of Dharma propagation.

To ensure the continuity of the Buddha’s wisdom, it is necessary to build a Dharma institution of authentic lineage at an accessible location so that the teachings can thrive far into the future. As such, Orgyen Ling Institute will be located in Kathmandu, the main city of Nepal. It is estimated that Orgyen Ling Institute will be able to accommodate approximately a few hundred Sangha and some lay practitioners.

Why Support?

For the Monastic Community

There are many great practitioners at Sangchen Rabten Norbuling. However, due to their inability to communicate in modern languages such as English and Mandarin, they are unable to share their experiences and deep knowledge of the Buddhadharma. Given that the monastic Sangha is the basis for the preservation and propagation of the Dharma, it is vital that we rethink monastic education in today’s context.

To Karma Migyur Dorje Rinpoche and Nuptul Tenpei Nyima Rinpoche, this means integrating the traditional academic excellence of the Tibetan Buddhist College curriculum with modern secular subjects such as English, Mandarin, mathematics, natural sciences, leadership and management. Such integration will be established in Orgyen Ling Institute, ensuring that each monastic Sangha receives an education that is well-rounded while still robustly grounded in the Buddhadharma, thus producing Buddhist leaders and teachers of tomorrow.

For the Lay Community

In the current era, where misrepresentation of the Buddha’s teachings and the loss of the essential meaning of certain ritual practices often due to cultural misunderstandings is prevalent among the lay community, it is imperative to ensure appropriate, accessible and high-quality Dharma education is available.

Orgyen Ling Institute strives to provide a comprehensive curriculum of hearing, contemplation and meditation on the Buddha’s teachings for anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of Buddhist philosophy and engage in practice. Teachers will include learned Khenpos and Tulkus from Sangchen Rabten Norbuling as well as Chorten Monastery.


Help preserve a living tradition and safeguard the continuity of the Buddha’s wisdom for future generations by donating to the Orgyen Ling Institute Development Fund as a recurring monthly donor or to make a one-time contribution. In addition, we would also like to invite individuals, corporations, foundations and institutions to consider becoming a Patron of the Orgyen Ling Institute Development Project. Please contact us.


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