Humanitarian Aid for the Nepal Earthquake in 2015

In late April 2015, a series of unexpected earthquakes took place in Nepal, causing over 100,000 casualties. Donation drives around the world were organized by various non-profit organizations, and help rendered ranged from medical assistance to the distribution of food and basic necessities.

With donations garnered from our supporters, Maha-Sukha Foundation was able to contribute to the disaster relief efforts.

With an amount of USD $36,000 raised, Karma Rinpoche and Nuptul Rinpoche distributed these donations equally to each of the 4 villages in the Nubri region of Nepal, mainly the Prok, Bhi, Lho and Sama villages.

In view of the various types of assistance that other non-profit organizations have already proposed, and to prevent the duplication of resources, Karma Rinpoche and Nuptul Rinpoche decided to offer cash assistance instead. The cash assistance enabled the villagers to purchase the items they require to restore their houses and tide over the harsh winter that was arriving then.

Caring for the community is an integral part of what Maha-Sukha Foundation engages in. Do consider supporting us in one of our ongoing Projects:

  • Sustaining Sangchen Rabten Norbuling
  • Development of Orgyen Ling Institute
  • Development of Serang Primary School

In addition, should you wish to volunteer with us, please email:

Prok Village
Bhi Village
Lho Village
Sama Village


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