Tulku Sangye Drimed

Tulku Sangye Drimed was born on 24th February 2008 in Taiwan to a Taiwanese father, Lai You Yueh, and a Nepalese mother, Roshana Lama.

In 2014, the late Chadral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche told the young Tulku’s mother that her son is a reincarnation of her grandfather, Gya Lama Sonam Dorje, a well-known Buddhist teacher in Nepal and the head lama of the Boudhanath Stupa of Kathmandu.

Later in 2017, H.H. 4th Dodrupchen Rinpoche officially recognised the young Taiwanese boy as a reincarnation of Gya Lama Sonam Dorje. Upon asking for advice with regards to their son’s education, H.H. advised that the Tulku should be sent to Sangchen Rabten Norbuling in Nubri, a branch monastery of H.H. 4th Dodrupchen Rinpoche. Given the geographical isolation of Sangchen Rabten Norbuling, it remains well protected from troubling worldly influence, making it an ideal environment to nurture the potential of the Tulku.

On 28th May 2017, Tulku Sangye Drimed arrived at Sangchen Rabten Norbuling and has begun his monastic training as well as Dharma studies and practice. With successful monastic education and training, he will become a Dharma holder for the future generations.


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